Friday, May 14, 2010

So... I was just watching the new music video for Miley Cyrus (Can't be Tamed)... Well, it pretty much speaks for itself doesn't it?

Her voice sounded good and she looked beautiful. The lyrics were outrageous and innovative. People seem to be quite offended when they see this once Disney child star trying to grow up and express herself. Now, unless these people are concerned parents, I don't see what the big deal is.

First of all, if you don't like Miley to begin with, there's one simple method you could try out... don't watch her videos! Second, the music video was done very well and was pretty cool so give it a chance. What's so different about her singing a song like this and some Christine Aguilera songs? What about Candyman or Dirrty? Those songs were in fact worse in a sense! Take a look at the lyrics.

Although, I also would like to say that maybe she did go a little too far or maybe went about it too soon. She still is only a teenager and is still being watched by many of her young fans. Unfortunately she still has a responsibility as a role model.

Parents might find this hard to explain why they don't want their children watching her anymore. Kids may question why they were aloud in the past and not now. It gets really tricky when a child star turns into a sex symbol.

Perhaps if Disney stars weren't always supposed to look good and innocent, they wouldn't feel the need to totally different. Trying to be perfect all the time may repress tendencies to do something they shouldn't. And repression will only lead up to a big explosion of things they shouldn't do.

All in all, maybe Miley should have waited until she was a few years older or made some videos that lead up to this raunchy one. She needs to remember that she is still a role model. I guess this is the price of being famous...

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