Saturday, May 22, 2010

Makeup, what are you covering?

Makeup is a fantastic tool for people for helping feel more confident. Used sparingly it can create amazing results. Covering blemishes, dark circles, or just adding a little brightness to a dull face can do magic.

Personally I just put on some concealer to get rid of circles and some blemishes and maybe mascara and chap stick if my lips are chapped for my everyday look. I also love being creative with some far out eye makeup like bold colors that look outrageous. Everyday I practice like any form of art and get inspired to make something amazing. I just do this for fun to take pictures and share with others.

But then today I was watching a popular 16 year old on youtube doing a foundation tutorial. What's wrong with this... she's 16!! Foundation?! Ok, alright, maybe you're thinking she has bad acne or bags. NO, she looks fine. I watched her put all her makeup on from start to finish and to be 100% honest, the beginning without makeup looked the same as the end with makeup.

If you have good skin why would you cover it up everyday? What are you covering?! Young ladies shouldn't be doing this. Most have gorgeous skin, why not show it? More makeup makes you look older anyway. Show off your youth and let it shine.

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